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Strabismus Surgery (Eye Misalignment Correction)

Strabismus is the medical name for eye misalignment – meaning the eyes point in different directions. While one eye looks straight ahead, the ot

Lacrimal Surgery (Tear Duct Probe)

The tear system in our eyes is like a shower system. We have a tear gland that is always making tears, even when we are not crying, and we have a drai

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is necessary when clouding of the lens of the eye causes impairment or loss of vision. The surgery involves the removal of the natura

Ophthalmology Services

Welcome to our ophthalmology office located in Abilene, Texas and the Outreach clinics located in San Angelo, Texas and Odessa, Texas. If you are looking for quality eye care with friendly and personal service look no further you have come to the right place. Dr. Charlotte Akor and her highly trained team care about the preservation of your gift of sight and offer eye care for children and adult.

Whether your vision is in need of correction due to an ongoing issue or if you have recently experienced sudden vision loss or distortion, we are here to help. Our thorough eye examinations with state of the art equipment will ensure that the source of your eye health problem is identified with care and skill.

Contact us today to discuss your eye care needs with one of our staff.

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